Welcome to Response Ambulance College

A photo of Lackham House. Response Ambulance College is a leading provider of pre-hospital care training solutions to public and private sector clients across the United Kingdom and further a field. At our College Campus and offsite, we provide a wide range of clinical training and driving courses to meet the needs of individuals and organisations involved in delivering pre-hospital care.

Our Campus is comprised of three faculties, Medical Faculty, Driving Faculty and the Specialist Provision Faculty. Each of these focuses on a particular field with specialist staff that have a wealth of knowledge and experience in that area. All of our College tutors have formal teaching qualifications and relevant practical experience to ensure the students receive the highest standard of tuition available, whatever the subject matter. This is done in the relaxing academic setting of Lackham House which helps each student to feel at ease, thus helping them to achieve their personal goals.

The Response Ambulance College’s motto is ‘Knowledge Dispels Fear’ and this belief coupled with its student centric approach, is why the College is setting new standards in training and provision.